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God Wants To Abide

Grace and Peace Beloved!

It’s another week and God has been gracious to all of us. This week I want to share that which, as I like to say “Found a Seat in my Spirit.” While in conversation with a cousin, the following came out of my spirit…God Wants To Abide! Naturally, I am an avid cook and I definitely have no problem being a host (thanks Mom). During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I cooked like a crazy man because I was having guests for dinner. Also I recently had another cousin at my home for about a week. The key factor in all that I’ve mentioned thus far, every person eventually left the house. Each one sat in the same living room, washed their hands in the same restroom, ate on the same dining sets, laughed, talked and complemented the cooking. However, at the close of the fellowship, each one went his or her own way.

As a guest in one’s home, you only have access to what they allow you the freedom. The bedroom is not open to all, the closets are not a free-for-all to go and get whatever you want. Even staying as an overnight guest yet limits what can and cannot be done in the house. The visitor is confined to what the owner allows. On the other hand, I have unlimited freedom where I live. I can go anywhere in the house, rearrange furniture, paint, knock down a wall or build and expand what is mine. It is the same with God!

Does His Name appear listed as owner and ruler of our lives or is He just visiting for the moment? Sadly, most of the time, he is simply a visitor and told what He can and cannot do with us. A God visit usually consists of a Sunday morning service, a half-hearted prayer, a “I may have picked up my Bible” today and no real relationship with Him. So you are reduced to a momentary feel good touch and He’s gone. However, when God truly lives in you, He has the ALL ACCESS to your life. Worship is constant, prayer is consistent, the time in the Word is ever growing and His Presence is evident. Most importantly, He has the freedom to change, rearrange, correct, establish and order your life according to His Will and Purpose. This is what He wants…to abide with you and in you; not come for a quick meal and go. He desires to make Himself known to you and in you as His Child. Why not give God the keys to your life door (the heart, mind and soul) so that He can take up permanent residency (St John 14 vs. 23/Revelation 3 vs 20). You will not regret this occupant. He’ll stay with you forever, if you let Him.

Peace and Blessings!!

The Kingdom Servant

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