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Is Your Pot Too Small? - Part 1

Grace and Peace…Ok, I admit it, I am little behind schedule here. That being said, let’s move forward. Today, I want to pose a question…Is Your Pot Too Small? Intrigued, come take the journey with me. Life is about change. People come and people go, seasons alter and fads most definitely shift. Change happens! I recall while having my car serviced a few months ago, I heard God distinctively say “Change Is Never Comfortable, But It Is Necessary”. Most of us, if we are honest, don’t like change. We prefer for things to remain in a comfortable place, unchanging and unaltered. However, without change, there is no growth. As I ponder this, my mind goes back to the days of my horticultural training at Miami Agricultural School (now Turner Tech). I specialized in plant life and seedlings, but that’s another blog.

What I distinctly remember is watching the seeds that I had to plant in specific soil, fertilize them in the some of the most horrid smelling “stuff” known to mankind, sit them out in the sun and also load them with water, soon begin to grow and take shape. In what I call the infancy stages, small pods were used to grow the seeds and I had to carefully watch their growth. After a while, they developed roots and needed to be repotted in something larger. As I continued caring for the plants, they grew and the process continued; growth and repotting. But something stands out about the growth; if I did not repot the plants in time, there was always an interesting occurrence. Either the roots would either break the pot or the plant died from suffocation. You see, it needed to continue its growth. The characteristics of the seeds placed in the right environment responded and produced growth.

We, as children of God are the same as those seeds. God sends the people, HE allows interesting situations and even permits the fiery trials to come, not to kill us, but to create the right environment for growth. It is the soil, the fertilizer, the watering and the heat of life that causes what is on the inside of each of us to begin to “root” and take shape. Even so, eventually the pot must be changed. I am about to shout right now, so let me move. I just want you to look at your life right now and ask yourself…Am I breaking out of the pot or am I dying because the pot is too small. If either answer is YES, it’s time for a pot change. Part 2 coming…

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