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Is Your Pot Too Small? - Part 2

Grace and Peace Beloved! If you have not read the part 1, please start there.

In the previous blog, I posed a challenge (I just want you to look at your life right now and ask yourself…Am I breaking out of the pot or am I dying because the pot is too small. If either answer is YES, it’s time for a pot change). Let’s continue the journey. In Genesis 8 verse 22, God said to Noah “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter and day and night.” From the start it became clear that life would bring changes. I take my time to write this because we, as the people of God and society as a whole is at an interesting impasse. Life as it has been known has and is quickly changing. I am not going into the wars, diseases, politics, elections or the hooks and crooks right now, but understand it all aligns with my challenge from the Lord.

Every person has been given a purpose (the seed characteristic) that should be fulfilled in life. It does not matter how long or short the life is, the purpose should be fulfilled. Jesus often referenced seeds, planting, weeds, trees, separation, harvest and fruit in His teachings. (Being surrounded by educators, I learned that if you want to make emphasis on something, you repeat it two or three times). The “Master Teacher” thought it important to discuss the subject. We are called “fruit bearing” trees, the planting of the Lord and so forth. Let’s examine it…fruit trees didn’t start out as trees, they all began as what…A Seed. A seed containing the potential to grow, mature, enrich lives and also reproduce of its internal nature. With this series of blogs, I want you to think about your own life. What are you producing? Who and what are you enriching?

We are supposed to live as the seed and trees that we are. We start small, not appearing as much to the eye, but given the right situation, growth occurs and we will become tall, majestic and producers. Think about where we temporarily live; we live on earth. We were made from the earth. The seed living in the place where it must grow and flourish. I know it seems like I’m teasing you, but you must first have a clear picture of your God given potential before moving into greater. The pot is never too small for anything not growing. If you already have the view, have embarked on fulfilling purpose and are at the impasse, stay on this journey with me. Part 3 coming…

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