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Is Your Pot Too Small? - Part 4

(This blog is a little longer than the previous writings as we at the close of the Pot series)

Grace and Peace Be Unto You! This blog is long overdue. If you’ve noticed the rather large gap between blogs entries, there is a reason for that. The prayer book has been completed and released and I have returned to my post. If you haven’t purchased your copy, visit the New Resources link and get it today. That being said, Let’s Go!

If you are just starting the series, please return to part 1 to begin there. In Part 3, we left off at a place of challenge and self-examination. I personally know what it’s like in that place because I constantly stay in prayer, stay before God and always checking my heart and motives by the Word of God. I want to be pleasing to God every day! Before the book writing break, I’d actually begun Part 4 of this series at interesting time; it was Rosh Hashanah & Yum Kippur (Jewish New Year/Day of Atonement/Feast of Trumpets). The time of new beginnings, fresh starts and cleansing; leaving the old behind and reaching to the new! I mention this because is the core of this series.

This is the time for real growth, the stretching and maturity. As I watch all that is going in the world and the church, I sense more than ever the lateness of the day. I clearly see and hear our Father pushing and pulling His Children to lay aside every sin and weight, to leave the old things, ways and attitudes behind and to grow in the Knowledge of Him. It’s time for the trees of righteousness to flourish and produce. IT REQUIRES GROWTH. It is in that growth that what was previously done no longer works the same way and what was comfortable before ceases to be. The “POT” is now too small. Throughout varied places of scripture, we find the statement “The place is too small” only because of enlargement and growth. This never happens where there is no growth.

As we are in the end time revival and nearing the soon catching away of the church, those of us who are truly connected to the VINE are being pruned, clipped, reshaped and purged to bring forth good fruit that remains (St. John 15 vs. 1 – 8; 16). It is a required process for growing and producing and, yes, it is uncomfortable. Things change and fall away, people/relationships come and go, but also a deeper longing for God emerges. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the “Pot” is the things or the relationship that brought and sustained you until this point in life for greater maturity. As time progresses, some things will alter. It’s not a bad thing, do not fret…You’ve just outgrown your pot. As unsettling as it may be, the world needs what’s on the inside of you from God and needs to eat from the tree that is YOU. You have to grow!

I began this series referencing my days in horticulture. The seeds that I planted started in 2 x 3 inch pots, then required a larger pot as they rooted and grew. The more I watered, fertilized and sunned them, the more they grew. Eventually they were too big for a simple pot and had to be sold to be planted in the ground. Just like those seeds, we begin small and God, the Husbandman, waters, fertilizes and suns His seeds. Over time, we become too big for the small pot and must be planted in a place where there is no limits. Remember who we are called to be “trees planted by the rivers of waters that bring forth fruit in his season, without withering leaves” (Psalm 1). The change is not bad, it means you have matured.

Don’t hold on to what you have outgrown…That pot is now too small.

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