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Stay Focused

Greetings To You!!

I speak from experience when I say staying focused is a purposed decision. Life brings all types of challenges, hurts, great disappointments and at times, unexpected occurrences. No one is exempt! Yes, there are highs and the joyous, laughing moments…the good days, but the “what in the world moments” will soon come knocking. It is in those “what in the world rainstorms” that we all have to purpose in our hearts and minds to remain fixed on God, what He said and His promises. This is where foundations are truly tested and proven. Do I really believe and live what I have confessed or is it just a good talk? It is all too easy to lose focus and perspective when twists and turns arise that do not seem favorable and or surmountable. We must remember that God has spoken through His Word and speaks to us individually concerning His Plan, Will and Purpose for our lives. He does this so that when the storms come, we have the anchor to stand, survive and overcome.

Let me ask, when the boat of life is shaking, do you see the MAN walking on the water or are you screaming in fear? If you keep looking at Him (staying focused), you will notice that He is walking to your boat. I encourage you as you read this, in spite of the winds and waves in life, make the decision to say “God I trust you in this and I know that you will not leave me or forsake me”. Never forget if you have given your life to God, Christ Jesus is in you, the hope of Glory and the Greater One is living in you (Colossians 1 vs 27/1 John 4 vs 4). Be strong and of good courage (Joshua 1 vs 9) you can make it. He is with you, so don’t lose heart and faint, but Stay Focused!

Peace and Blessings!!

The Kingdom Servant

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