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Suffering In Silence Part 1

Grace and Peace Beloved!!

I know that I have been quiet as it pertains to writing my weekly blogs. I throw myself on the mercy of the court. I promise that I am going to do a better job, loved ones. As you are aware, I am preparing for the very serious assignment and Kingdom of God movement, here in the historic Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The 2017 “Suffering In Silence” Family Conference & Summit is quickly approaching. The God given theme for this year’s summit is “The Silence Is Deafening”. Over the next few weeks, I will focus and share certain aspects of this movement with you. I have become so burdened with the reality that far too many people are dying the slow death, both internally and externally, because of past and present emotional pains, hurts, wounds and disappointments and most have no voice for help or deliverance. So many are reverting to the wrong things, including suicide, to try to cope with these hidden fights. Sadly, I have also discovered that there is no age limit to the silent strugglers. My heart aches because I see this “situation” is as prevalent within the “Household of Faith” as it is in the secular world. The silent cries are so loud that it’s deafening. Things must change and change quickly and I have to respond.

The “Suffering In Silence” Conference & Summit

has been birthed to give the voiceless a voice and to open the doorway to true freedom. While it is impossible to deal with everything in one setting, this will be three (3) and a half days of Teaching, Training, Praise, Worship, Ministry, Healings, Deliverance, Breakthroughs and more. This God Encounter will consist of the daily teaching/training sessions and the Evening Worship Services for the entire family. My steadfast drive and aim, along with the other Summit “Life Investors & Instructors” is to present sound truth for navigating everyday life and walking in Godliness (2 Peter 1 vs. 3). The teaching sessions will address subjects matters as Healing Hurting Women; Loose The Man and Let Him Go, Musical, Talented, Gifted, Anointed and Messed Up; Wounded In The House of My Friends (Church Hurts); What My Parents Don't See (Youth Session); Help, My Health Is In Trouble; The Plight of the Caregiver and You Can Live Again. Yes, I know I’m teasing you.

This movement is dear to my heart and it will always be my sincere desire to see people living the “ZOE” (the GOD Kind of Life), walking in true happiness and made whole. My Elder Brother did say “I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly” (St. John 10 vs. 10b). Know, without a doubt, I am committed to this mission to destroy the silence. There is still availability if you desire to attend this year’s Summit, just click the 2017 Summit link on the website for complete information. See you there!!

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