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The Suffering In Silence Movement

"It's Time To Destroy The Silence"

It began about 13 years ago with a burden for the wounded and suffering. You must understand my life has always been engrossed in the ministry, especially in the area of deliverance and seeing persons being made whole by the Power of ALMIGHTY GOD. It is truly my passion. However, throughout the years of my church life, I recognized an epidemic; too many people sitting in church, worshipping and quietly suffering. The anointing was always present, but something strategically needed to be done about this situation. By the time I began Pastoring, it was clear someone needed to respond to what I constantly saw before my face. Remembering the old adage, "If it’s to be, it’s up to me", I responded, and organized the first “Suffering In Silence” Summit, which was a Women’s Summit, held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The theme for that year was “Healing My Hidden Places” taken from Jeremiah 17 vs. 14. This Women’s Summit included two (2) Inner Healing Breakthrough WORDshops, as well as the Encounters with God Evening Worship celebrations. It was explosive!!!

This would be one of my closing assignments before relocating to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. After the move, Pastor Rashad Williams and I re-launched The Haven of Deliverance International and I would soon be consecrated as the Kingdom Apostle. Subsequently, as time progressed, we would found ourselves homeless several times in this journey and I, myself, walking through the experience of major brain surgery and then the Homeward departure of my dad and his mother, both within a four month period. As I walked through these experiences, the Suffering in Silence assignment went on the ‘back burner’. As life continued, GOD catapulted my life into its global reach with apostolic and evangelistic assignments, including the yearly trips to Uganda and the publishing of the book on Prayer.

However, in 2016, GOD clearly spoke saying “Yes, I’ve given you these assignments to fulfill, but go back to your first works”. Knowing that the statement was not about presently returning to the senior pastorate, I asked HIM what HE referenced. He emphatically said the “Suffering in Silence Movement”. As I prayerfully considered how to move forward in obedience, THE BOSS said ‘start inside the House of God and start with the family’. HE began to download strategic instructions and I started planning for a Family Summit for 2016. It soon became clear that was not the set time for the Summit. So, honestly, I put it on the back burner again and started focusing my attention on the other immediate assignments, especially the 2016 Uganda ministry/mission trip. But, GOD would not let me rest. HE continued to deal with me concerning the Family Summit for 2017. I will honestly say, for a little while, I told God no because I knew the size and the weight of this assignment and I tried my best to avoid it.

Just as with the completion of the book, GOD wanted this assignment obeyed in a greater ways than I originally conceived. HE was so serious about this, that, even in my sleep, HE would speak to me about the 2017 Summit and the S.I.S. Movement. I finally said yes. HE confirmed the assignment far exceeded the beginning Summit. Now after almost 12 years from its humble beginnings and many personal experiences later, I am FULLY COMMITTED to obey this “Suffering in Silence” assignment.

The 2017 S.I.S. Family Conference & Summit (The Silence Is Deafening) convened in the month of July, with "Empowerment" Teaching Sessions for the entire family and the leaders and "Families Worshipping Together" Evening Worship Services.

- The 2018 S.I.S. International Summit -

(The Unstoppable Champions Arise...It Tried, But It Couldn't Kill You)

However, this movement is comprised of more than the annual Summit gatherings; it now includes LIVE/ONLINE teaching sessions, Q & A opportunities, establishing regional "Empowerment" sessions, as well as, a resource for constant & available assistance. I recognize there are too many people within the household of faith and the world at large, silently suffering and continuing to try to mask the hidden pains; some are making consistent attempts to bury it as deep as possible and for many, simply have no idea how to really begin to deal the pain(s) to break free. THIS IS THE REASON FOR THIS MOVEMENT! My wholehearted commitment is to empower, equip and educate any and all who will take advantage of becoming the "You" you were created and designed to be.



For as the Bible says, whom the SON makes free is free indeed (St. John 8:32)

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